Many Chronic Conditions do not have pharmacologic treatments available yet. We provide opportunities for live saving medications.

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Welcome to Cullman Clinical Trials

Specializing in clinical research studies for primary care and multi-specialties, Cullman Clinical Trials utilizes cutting-edge techniques and equipment to advance life-changing research. We seek to better the human condition by producing evidence-based, effective clinical results.

At Cullman Clinical Trials, we are composed of highly qualified clinical research coordinators and research assistants. We bring years of experience and extensive knowledge in conducting all phases of our clinical trials. Learn more about us!

Services We Offer

Cullman Clinical Trials focuses on two areas of clinical research studies: Primary Care and Multi-Specialties. We dedicate our time and resources to advance these fields and to produce life-changing, high-quality results that can benefit the community in Alabama and beyond.


Our research studies and cardiology clinical trials are done with the aim to produce new medication or treatments for cardiovascular diseases.

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We seek to find improved solutions in the detection, prevention, and treatment of most endocrine-related diseases, such as diabetes and high cholesterol.

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Keep Yourself Informed

Familiarize yourself with some common terms and definitions related to clinical trials involving primary care and multi-specialties.

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Cullman Clinical Trials have conducted several studies that produced quality, effective results. Learn more now.

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